Special Needs Trusts

Raising a developmentally disabled child is one of the most unique and wonderful experiences in life. The loving bond that relationship creates runs as deep and powerful as any river and soar as high as any mountain. As the years pass by, many parents begin to wonder, “Who will care for our children if an unexpected life emergency were to happen?”

Who Will Care for Our Children?

Just like anything in life, being prepared for the unknown is always the smartest way to plan for the future. The 2010 census estimates that one in twelve Americans are raising children with special needs, and while every parent wonders what will happen to their children after they are gone, that concern looms even larger for parents of children with developmental disabilities.

Medical care and treatment can be expensive and eat a hole in any person’s life savings. Developmentally disabled adults typically receive a host of government assistance from Medi-Cal to Social Security Disability Insurance and other programs. But leaving assets and money to your children can disrupt and even terminate some of those benefits.

Plan For Tomorrow Today

The best way to leave assets behind without interfering with any government assistance is through a special needs trust. The documents ensure that your child’s needs are met while still protecting your assets and property. Since the trust will not be in your child’s name, they can still qualify for various government benefits and still have their other needs met. The trust can be set up to pay for household bills, education, car repairs of anything else without impacting the child’s eligibility for any government programs.

If you have a child with special needs, be sure to set up the correct estate plan documents to ensure they are protected for the future. Elder Law Services specializes in protecting your assets, and our team can build any trust to accurately meets your family’s needs. Call Elder Law Services of California at (800) 403-6078 for a FREE consultation with one of our expert attorneys. We look forward to working with you!

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