Elder Law 2021

How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help You?

Nine Important Ways an Experienced Elder Law Attorney Can Help You:

  1. Providing sound legal advice on estate planning issues as well as answering your questions about wills, trusts, probate, and how to pay for the care of family members with special needs.
  2. Creating necessary legal documents like a Durable Power of Attorney.
  3. Providing assistance with Medi-Cal Planning, long-term care, patient rights, and creating a Health Care Power of Attorney.
  4. Providing financial planning, creating Financial Power of Attorney documents, management of assisted living costs, and council on paying for care, Veteran’s benefits, income, estate, and financial gift matters.
  5. Giving legal advice on how to protect the family home and avoid Estate Recovery.
  6. Selecting and appointing a legal guardian.
  7. Assisting in locating and choosing a long-term care facility.
  8. Giving advice on resident’s rights at nursing homes or long-term care facilities.
  9. Drafting Advance Directives, Health Care Directives, Living Wills, and long-term planning documents.

Elder law attorneys advocate for older adults and their families. Typical legal matters which are handled by an elder law attorney include long-term care planning, Medi-Cal planning, Medicare, guardianship, Social Security, Asset Protection, retirement planning, and other related issues.

An Elder Law attorney can even assist in qualifying older adults for Medi-Cal benefits to pay for long-term care without having to deplete all of their assets.

Consulting with an Elder Law Attorney is advisable to have essential legal documents created to provide the best care for older adults, and protect the financial interests of their children. A local elder law attorney can ensure that an older adult has completed all essential legal documents and that their documents are compliant with California State law and local laws.

If possible, meet in person with a local Elder Law Attorney who understands today’s safety protocols and takes them seriously. Assuming you’re able to find an attorney who offers a free consultation, be sure to write a brief summary of your needs and any questions you may have in advance.  Don’t be shy about asking the attorney how long they have practiced Elder Law, and whether they have helped other clients with needs that are similar to yours.  By all means, be sure to check with the California State Bar Association to confirm that the attorney is in good standing and currently licensed to practice law in California.

Plan for the future and protect your legacy.

If you’re already searching for an Elder Law Attorney near me, then contact the legal team at Elder Law Services of California today at 800 403-6078 and schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your specific legal needs. Elder Law Services has multiple law office locations conveniently located throughout Southern California.

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