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Los Angeles Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

The State of California’s Medicaid program is known as Medi-Cal.  This program is one of the primary sources of health care assistance for Seniors and will pay for skilled nursing and long-term nursing home care, however, there are strict Medi-Cal eligibility requirements that must first be met.  For most people it can be difficult to understand how to meet these complicated requirements. The expert Los Angeles Medi-Cal attorneys with Elder Law Services can help Seniors who want to protect their assets from being drained by the high cost of long term nursing home care.  Through proper Medi-Cal Planning, Elder Law Service’s Medi-Cal lawyers have been assisting Seniors in California with Medi-Cal Eligibility since 1995.

How to Qualify for Med-Cal

Income limits are a major determining factor in the approval process for a Medi-Cal applicant.  Each year many people who apply for Medi-Cal benefits are denied as a result of their income or assets exceeding the allowable limits. The State will impose a “waiting period” upon the applicant until they “spend down” their assets to a level that will meet the eligibility requirements. If the applicant did not plan ahead, they will be forced to pay out-of-pocket until their remaining assets are low enough to qualify for Medi-Cal. The expert Medi-Cal Planning Attorneys at Elder Law Services have the experience to get anyone qualified for Medi-Cal.  Elder Law Services attorneys will advise their clients on how to protect their assets, including the family home, while quickly qualifying for the Medi-Cal benefits they need.

How to Pay for Long-Term Nursing Home Care in 2022

The expensive costs of Long-term nursing home care can quickly deplete a family’s financial resources. Most people will use up their available cash from their bank accounts first, often within a few short months.  This does not have to happen.  Elder Law Service’s Medi-Cal Attorneys will qualify their clients for public benefit options that can help a family member pay for long-term nursing home care.  Medi-Cal Planning may be the only solution your family needs for asset protection and Medi-Cal qualification.

The Los Angeles Medi-Cal Attorneys at Elder Law Services know how to move your assets from the ‘non-exempt’ category to the ‘exempt’ category so that they are not considered in your application process.  This way you can get approved for Medi-Cal and have the state pay for long-tern nursing care instead of having to pay out-of-pocket.

Learn How to Protect the Family’s Assets

The Los Angeles Medi-Cal Attorneys at Elder Law Services will help guide you through the complicated Medi-Cal approval application process from beginning to end. Even if you have already been told that you do not meet the eligibility requirements or have already had your application denied, Elder Law Services Medi-Cal lawyers are still able to help you get the decision reversed to help pay for your family member’s long-term nursing home care.

What Can a Los Angeles Medi-Cal Planning Attorney Do to Help?

Through proper Medi-Cal Planning, a knowledgeable Medi-Cal Planning attorney can help protect you from having to spend-down your assets, from negative tax consequences, and from the risk of having the State of California putting a claim against the family home and estate through the Medi-Cal Recovery Program.  Call Elder Law Services today at 800 403-6078 to speak with an attorney for a Free consultation before the laws are changed.

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Get Qualified for Medi-Cal

The Los Angeles Medi-Cal Planning Attorneys at Elder Law Services have been helping Seniors qualify for Medi-Cal benefits since 1995.

Learn How to Avoid State-imposed Spend-Down

Through proper Medi-Cal Planning, Elder Law Services can help protect you from being forced to deplete your life savings to become eligible for Medi-Cal.

Avoid the Medi-Cal Recovery Program

Elder Law Services of California has the knowledge and expertise to help protect your family’s estate from future claims by the State of California to recoup the value of benefits paid for long-term nursing home care.

Los Angeles Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

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