Divorces in Estate Planning

Divorced? Re-married? Estate Planning Keeps Things Straight

Estate planning isn’t a “one size fits all” topic, and different people will require different plans. One area that is constantly overlooked is the blended family, which typically involves children from a prior marriage and joint children, sometimes referred to as “his, hers and theirs.” In short, if two people remarry and bring children into the relationship, it is considered a blended family.

Blended families can involve younger or older couples and everyone in between. With the divorce rate continuing to soar in the U.S, blended families are becoming more normal than ever. However, when it comes to estate planning, many people can be lacking behind the “new normal”.

If a blended family involves adult children and a new spouse in a similar age range, tension can arise between family members, and the best way to take care of those issues is with a detailed and airtight estate plan.

Most parents want to ensure that their own children, rather than stepchildren, are taken care of first. However, if you do not start estate planning correctly, there is no guarantee your kids will inherit those assets. In many cases, a surviving spouse will inherit any assets and money left behind, and can pass the property along to their own children before the decedent’s heirs receive anything.

Learn More About Why a Blended Family Estate Plan is What You Need

The key to creating the perfect estate plan for your blended family is to sit down with an estate planning attorney and be honest about your wishes and wants for your assets. Once you have a detailed idea about how your assets should be distributed, our team will begin to put those desires in writing. And once you have agreed and created those documents with your spouse, everyone in your family should be on the same page about what assets they will get once you pass away.

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