Don’t Fall Victim to Property Deed Solicitations

Warning About Home Owner Deed Offers in the Mail

Many of our clients have reported receiving unsolicited mail or e-mail from companies telling them it is vital to have a certified copy of their property deed. The solicitations will appear official-looking and falsely claim that government agencies advise homeowners that they should have a certified copy of their property deed. For a fee of $59 to $89, the company promises to get the homeowner’s deed.


In particular, beware of offers that recommend homeowners pay to get a certified copy of their property deed.

  • A copy of your property deed will be provided a couple of weeks after your deed is recorded by the County Recorder. You will likely receive unsolicited mail during this processing period. These companies have a history of not delivering deeds after paid. You will likely BELIEVE that the deed that you received was delivered because of your request and the FEE you paid.
  • If our office prepared a deed that you executed, our office will send you a courtesy copy of the deed once it is recorded for FREE.
  • Even if our office did not prepare the deed, we obtain a copy of the last vesting deed through a title company for FREE.

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