7 Mistakes to Avoid When Qualifying for Medi-Cal

Here’s What Not To Do To Qualify for Medi-Cal


Qualifying for Medi-Cal is more complicated than you might think. Many seniors typically use an experienced attorney when trying to qualify for Medi-Cal, as any discrepancies or mistakes, can trigger a five-month or more waiting period.  Here is a quick list of mistakes NOT to make when trying to qualify for Medi-Cal.


1. Not Planning At All

It never too late to plan for Medi-Cal, even if a senior has moved into a nursing home or other long-term care facility. Many families come into our offices believing they can never qualify for Medi-Cal because they have too many assets. WRONG! Our team qualifies over 99.99% of our clients, no matter what type of assets or life’s savings they may have.

2. Transferring Assets too Early

Do not put your lifestyle and security at risk by transferring assets out of your name too early. Everything you’ve worked for is yours, so do not rush to transfer assets before seeking the help of a professional Medi-Cal advisor.

3. Not Understanding the Laws

Medi-Cal laws can be complicated, but certain transfers are legal and will not hinder a person’s eligibility (if done correctly). These transfers include: transfers to children with a disability, transfers to siblings and transfers into a special needs trust, just to name a few options.

4. Failing to Take Advantage of a Spousal Protection Plan

In California, if your spouse is in a nursing home, there are several ways to protect your own assets in the eyes of the law. These include a Court-Ordered at-home spouse protection plan, a petition to increase the community spouse resource allowance, or a petition to increase income allowances and decrease the nursing home share of cost.

5. Seeking to Qualify for Medi-Cal too Early

Applying for Medi-Cal too early can result in a longer period of ineligibility. Seniors should not apply unless they are certain they will qualify. The best course of action is to consult an expert Medi-Cal planning attorney to help with the application process.

6. Seeking to Qualify for Medi-Cal too Late

This is the exact opposite issue. Do not wait until you are in the hospital to apply for Medi-Cal care. Our team can still get you qualified, but waiting too long can mean the loss of income paying for care while your Medi-Cal application is processed.

7. Not Consulting a Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

Medi-Cal planning is a complicated field that requires the work of an expert attorney who understands the ever-changing laws. A mistake on a Medi-Cal application can result in months of ineligibility and thousands of dollars paying for care out of your own pocket. If you are interested in qualifying for Medi-Cal or believe you will need it soon, contact or expert Medi-Cal planning attorneys (800) 403-6078 for a FREE consultation. Our goal is to help protect your assets and life savings. Why pay for long-term care when the government will do it for free?

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