4 Common Medi-Cal Questions Answered

California Medi-Cal Questions and Answers

Most people have a host of questions about the Medi-Cal planning process. Will my level of care decrease? Can I qualify? Is my house exempt? In today’s blog, we’ll go over four frequently asked questions about Medi-Cal.


Q: Will the quality of care I receive decrease after I qualify for Medi-Cal?

A: No, your care will remain the same. Long-term care facilities CANNOT discriminate against a person receiving Medi-Cal benefits and by law those patients must receive the same care as private pay patients.


QShould married couples “spend down” half of their assets before qualifying for Medi-Cal?

A: Not necessarily, as many couples have over $100,000 and still qualify for Medi-Cal benefits without a spend-down. Medi-Cal does have various income and asset requirements everyone must meet before qualifying, both federal and state laws were written to protect recipients from “going broke” if a spouse needs of long term care.


QCan a parent still make financial gifts to their children after entering a nursing home under the new Medi-Cal laws?

A: Yes, and gifting continues to be an excellent Medi-Cal planning tactic. However, it must be done with care, as the state conducts a 30-month financial statement “look back” once a person applies for Medi-Cal.  Improper transfers can cause a period of eligibility during the look back, which will force an individual to pay for any long-term care cost out of their own pocket.


QSince the home is considered an “exempt” asset under Medi-Cal laws, can an applicant give it away without incurring any penalties?

A: Yes, if the process is conducted in the correct manner (and with an experienced Medi-Cal planning attorney). However, the income tax consequences of receiving your home as a “gift” instead of as an “inheritance” can make the transaction a difficult process for your heirs. But again, if done correctly, any and all negative income tax consequences can be avoided.

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