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Medi-Cal Planning Guidance

Medi-Cal Planning is the legal way to qualify for Medi-Cal benefits to pay for the care you need without having to deplete your life savings.

Medi-Cal Planning guidance for families since 1995

Elder Law Services of California has been helping families protect the family home and other assets from the State’s Recovery Program since 1995.


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Common Questions Elder Law in California

Q: What is the difference between elder law and estate planning?

Q: Is There a Way to Prevent Trust Income from Going to a Nursing Home?

Q: Can the State make a claim against my late father/mother’s life insurance policy?

Q: How do I avoid probate in California?

Q: How do I avoid estate taxes in California?

Q: How do I protect my assets from Estate Recovery for long-term care expenses?

California Elder Law & Estate Planning

Elder Law Services of California assists Seniors with eligibility requirements and by helping them qualify for Medi-Cal benefits while protecting their assets from being depleted by the cost of long-term care. By using Medi-Cal Planning, the expert estate planning attorneys at Elder Law Services help Seniors get qualified for Medi-Cal and protect the family home from California Estate Recovery. Our job is to preserve your wealth and make the Medi-Cal application process easy for you. We get 99% of our clients approved for Medi-Cal benefits, even if they have income or assets.

If you are interested in learning more about how Medi-Cal Planning is used to qualify Seniors for Medi-Cal while protecting their assets, protecting the family home, nursing home alternatives, and how Medi-Cal pays for long-term care, and nursing home care, then contact Elder Law Services of California today to schedule a free consultation with an Elder Law Attorney.

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