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Medi-Cal 101: What Assets Can Spouses Keep?


Applying for Medi-Cal can be a bit confusing and most people end up with more questions than answers when beginning the process. The biggest question applicants typically have is what type of assets can their spouse keep?


Long-term care can be expensive and many elderly people and their families, who may not necessarily be financially needy, turn to the Medi-Cal program for help. Medi-Cal, however, has strict rules and limits as to the amount of assets a person may have before qualifying for the program and they will look back 30 months into an applicant’s financial history when trying to determine eligibility.


What Assets Can I Keep?


Medi-Cal Resource Rates

Medi-Cal bases their eligibility guidelines on need and sets a strict upper limit for a person’s assets at $2000 with certain things given an exemption status such as a home, a vehicle, personal belongings and household goods, jewelry, and term life insurance.


An applicant’s spouse, however, can keep up to approximately $123,600.00 in assets that will not be counted toward Medi-Cal eligibility. If you and your spouse have assets that exceed those limits, a Medi-Cal spend down may be the smartest way to proceed, however, doing so without the consultation of an experienced professional will only lead to issues and even delays in your application down the road.


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Elder Law Services of California, APLC provides the same strategic planning and legal representative of larger firms, yet in a personalized, family-like manner. Our priority is to provide the highest level of legal services and client satisfaction when representing your Medi-Cal Planning, Estate Planning, Trust Administration, or Probate cases. Above all, we understand the importance of you and your family’s financial future and legal security.

Our team of Attorneys and legal support staff have assisted thousands of different families by giving them the freedom to plan for the security of their future, while also providing peace of mind with our experienced legal advice. As our name, Elder Law Services of California, APLC serves all families in California, with convenient locations throughout Los Angeles, as well as locations in Northern California, and San Diego.

Whether you need to qualify for Medi-Cal, pay for long-term care, create an estate plan and powers of attorney, proceed a conservatorship, protect your assets, or deal with the loss of a loved one, our team is there for you every step of the way. Sadly, many families are unprepared for any significant planning for their future, so take the first step today to protect your family’s integrity.

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